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Teacher Wojtek Bolanowski

Teaching is my passion…

… and makes me happy. Working as a teacher made me „beeing a teacher”. Since mye first contact with school pupils in 1986 I gain more and more practice and flexibility in using my experience with people at any age. During these all years I have learnt to teach difficult young people at special school, talented youngsters at the renowned high school in Wroclaw, kindergarten children at Polish saturday school in Oslo, medicine, pharmacy and nursing students at the Medical University of Wroclaw and aged 12 to 60 people whom I taught Norwegian language, most of them from Poland, but also from the UK, USA, Serbia… 

Your success is at focus

A lot of conversation and activity of the students, a lot of laughter plus properly selected texts and exercises – these are the ways in which I manage to learn the language even those who starting the course do not really believe in success. Of course, I also have secrets for your success.
The best test of my effectiveness is that course graduates are employed by Norwegian employers and praised for good language quality.
And those who want to do it – pass the Norwegian exams Norskprøve (many) and Bergenstest (about 10 per year).
Practice shows that when you come to the course, you pay for the result and not for trying to achieve it.

How I got involved with Norway

The story began in 1989 when beeing a fresh graduate from Wroclaw University, faculty of Chemistry, I got a scholarship at the University of Oslo. During the seven years spent in Norway, we grew up as a family, three of our five children were born there. I still recommend this way „to grow up as a family» to young people. 

…and how do I do it in Poland

Then we moved to Poland and after 10 years of teaching Norwegian as an addition to school and university teaching I founded my own little school in 2008. From that time, namely October 2008, each month a 100-hours intensive course is completed. Over 140 of such a courses is a great number for one life.

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