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During the last 10 years we have worked up a modern  system of very intensive courses. Here you can learn Norwegian from the first word to the middle level B1 during 4 months (including some weeks of necessary holidays). These courses are more effective than most of the courses in Norway. The big part of this success is Your achievement! Students are highly motivated, learn, and learn how to learn, and… they have excellent results they could not believe starting. This cooperation with an experienced, stimulating teacher makes a miracle.

Students are in different age, most of them have university diplomma or, if not, they are skilled professionals needed on the Norwegian working-market. After 300 hours in the class they are able to get work in Norway and many of them continue learning online on the level B2. Result B2 on Norskprøve or Bergenstest crowns their efforts.

It would be best for You to plan learning in the long-term. Look at the list of cycles of courses. Could you think to join? Make a plan. You will not have any contract with obligations. You will be free to stop any time you will need. Somehow… only a few leave a class after just one month.

The whole program is divided on the four levels, that have short names, really not easy to understand for non-spesialist:  A1-A2-B1-B2. In our school we call courses “kurs100”, “kurs200” etc. This is a short explanation:

  • course100 (You reach level A1. Now you can make a simple talk in correct Norwegian. In many cases it means they now can understand that you speak Norwegian and not English! Oh! Do not learn Norwegian pronunciation without a teacher!),
  • course200 (You reach level  A2. Now You can manage in all situations in the daily life.)
  • course300 (You reach level  B1. Now you can explain what you have experienced living and working in Norway, and what is the difference between the real life and that what you have expected before coming here).
  • course400 (so called “higher level”, You can talk about anything you wish like: what people can get sending their children to private school, why you do not want to pay a rare tax, Why you will not use alternative medicine or why do you like the last book you have read)


Cycles of courses for this year. Everything was tried out by hundreds of our students!

Starting from November 2019: course100 November 2019 + course200 January 2020 + course300 March 2020 + course400 (B2 online) from September 2020

Starting from February 2020: course100 February 2020 + course200 April 2020 + course300 May 2020 + course400 (B2 online) from September 2020

Starting from May 2020: course100 May 2020 + course200 June 2020 + course300 and course400 (B2 online) from September 2020

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