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Level B1

I want to talk about life in Norway. I want someone to check my texts. I am interested!

Course B1, January 25th 2021 (Mon) – March 12 2021 (Fri)
7 weeks, 5 days a week, 10.00-12.30
nature of the course: ONLINE
price: the price of a lesson (45 minutes) in this course is 40 PLN (approximately 100 NOK)
current course status: Planned. Please contact us!

Course B1, May 17th 2021 (Mon) – July 3rd 2021 (Sat)
7 weeks, 4 days a week, Mon, Wed, Fri: 16.00-18.30, Sat 08.00-10.30 (or later)
nature of the course: ONLINE
price: the price of a lesson (45 minutes) in this course is 40 PLN (approximately 100 NOK)
current course status: Planned. Please contact us!


What makes the course good?
The teacher, Wojtek Bolanowski, helds courses of this type (100 hours in a month) from the autumn 2008. His ambition is to master teaching techniques that give the student sure result. But not only teachers experience and personality make a good course. The clue is to meet well motivated colleagues. 100% of students have high motivation.

What do you must have…
Candidate for a course must have a positive approach to learning and must have an “open” personality and be in good mood. The first course is an intensive language training, including pronunciation training. The stress is not to talk your native language at all.

Do we use English during the lesson?
We use Norwegian only. However, some explanations may be given in written in English or Polish. Teacher can also speak Russian. The teacher can advise you after the lesson in English.

What kind activities will we have?
The most important on the level B1 is to talk about life in the Norwegian society. How is life in Norway? What do you experience there? Do you appreciate it or not? Which opportunities do you see for yourself? You will be prepared to perform well on the job interview. You will write all these things. You will be prepared to understand conversations, both natural and exam-type. Teachers goal is to make your skills highest possible and balanced.

Which books do we use?
Original, popular books printed in Norway. On this course we usually use “Med 1000 ord”. However, we do not focus on the book. The teacher is too experienced and he can make you active without book!

What about my progress?
It is ideal if you spend at home 2-3 hours a day to repeat the lesson and make homeworks. If you do this, it is highly probable that You reach level B1 in 2, 3 or all 4 types of skills: listening, reading, writing and talking. You will be ready to take Norskprøve and get results B1. There are classification tests during the last days of this course to show You that the result is real. NOT ALL of the students got ALL skills at the level B1, but ALL were able to get a job in Norway shortly after completing this course.

I do not believe it.
We understand you. You do not need to believe anything what you read here. Find our students in Norway. Probability is high because it is about 1000 well qualified persons, mostly Polish, who have learnt Norwegian here. Try to find them. Ask them.

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