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I want to pass exam at the level B2. I am interested!

The online B2/C1 norwegian course in 2021

The course has started: Tuesdays, Thursdays 18: 45-20: 15 (Påskegruppe), 60 lessons until July 1, 2021, later to be agreed.
If you are interested in joining, please contact us!


How much does it cost?
The price for the course is 40 PLN / 100 NOK per lesson. If a student takes part in the entire course, it costs PLN 2,400 (NOK 6,000).
Participation in additional hours with another group is free of charge.

Experienced teacher
Courses on the higher level are held from 2009. The teacher has a huge experience in having group lessons that never repeat, never bore, and let people working in Norway make progress in spite of their labour activity.

What do you must have…
Candidate for a course must have a positive approach to learning and must have an “open” personality and be in good mood. Teacher will ask you many questions, you will be all over the lesson focused on what we are doing.

Do we use English during the lesson?
We use Norwegian only. However, some explanations are given in written in English or Polish. Teacher can also speak Russian.

What kind activities will we have?
We do different activities: talking, reading, grammar, listening, analysing our written texts. You are asked to write as much as you can and teaching how to write a good text is an important part of the course. Really, many persons join us just to focus on writing and they are never disappointed. Their reward is B2 (or even C1) as a result of the exam. However, we do not focus on one activity. In particular, you can not wait for a conversation every day.

Which books do we use?
Original, popular books printed in Norway. Easily accessible. Basic books for the level B2 is Klart Det! B2

What about my progress?
It is ideal if you spent some time at home to make homeworks and repeat the lesson. Some students make amazing progress of one level in 3,5 months. Other need two semesters. Generally, your colleagues at work and friends will notice your progress after first 2-3 weeks. If you want to take exam Norskprøve or Bergenstest, just talk with the teacher. He will estimate your progress and will help you to set a goal.

May I get individual lessons? I feel myself too good/too weak to join a group course…
There are no individual lessons. Groups count from 4 to 6 persons. If You have “feelings”, talk with the teacher about them. It is good to admit that the teacher is the right person to make assessment, not You….

How long does a course last?
A semester-lasting courses are given in autumn (September-October-November) and spring (February, March, April, a bit of May). Such a course lasts for 100 teaching hours given 4 times a week (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu), 90 minutes per meeting. It gives 8 teaching hours a week, about 32 hours a month.

Short courses are given in December and in the summer time. A short course can last for 32 hours in 2 weeks. They are different.

I do not believe it.
We understand you. We experience hard competition on the market. You do not need to believe anything what we write. Find our students in Norway. Probability is high because it is about 1000 well qualified persons, mostly Polish, who have learnt Norwegian here. Try to find them. Ask them.

I want to try. Do I have to wait to the next semester?
No. Level B2 is specific. You can join us during the semester. Write about yourself and ask the teacher to talk with you.

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